Aussie Punter Holds $1.8 Million Keno Prize and Doesn’t Claim It


Image you suddenly won almost two million dollars. What would you do with $1.8 million? Would you quit your job? Maybe you’d buy a new house. Perhaps you’ll put back money for retirement or your kid’s college education. Possibilities are endless. There is someone in Australia right now with a $1.8 million winning Keno ticket. The problem is, they still need to claim it!

According to reports, a winning ticket for Keno Classic 10 Spot was purchased on Friday at Twin Towns Juniors club in Tweed Heads South. However, the player has not checked their ticket to begin the claims process.

$1.8 Million Winning Ticket Remains Unclaimed in Australia.

The unusual gambling story appeared in 9 News on Friday -A player in Australia is holding a jackpot-winning ticket for the Keno Classic 10 Spot game. The ticket is for Draw 634 and was purchased at Twins Towns Juniors club in Tweed Heads South. To date, the player has yet to claim the winning ticket.

If the winning amount sounds a bit higher than usual, that’s because it is. It is uncommon for a Keno jackpot to pay-out that much due to the game’s structure. Keno is structured to allow punters to pick how many numbers they want to pay. This allows you to choose games with favourable odds but smaller pay-outs. As you can imagine, it’s not common for players to pick all of the numbers in one card.

To win the jackpot in the 10-Spot game, you have to pick 10 numbers and have them all drawn in the same game. The game draws 20 numbers from 1 to 80. The lucky player I’m talking about made an amazing pick that beat the staggering odds of 8.91 million to 1 for winning. In the meantime, if you feel tempted, like I do, learn more about Keno at Australia Online Casino Sites.

“Check Your Tickets”, Says Keno Spokesperson

Maybe you’re wondering “How haven’t they found the winner yet?” Keno games allow players to gamble anonymously, which is why nobody knows the jackpot winner’s identity. Keno spokesperson, James Eddy, urges anyone who played Keno at Twin Towns Juniors to check their tickets.

Eddy states, “Someone could have walked out the venue with a winning ticket worth more than $1.7 million in their back pocket or handbag and may not have realised. Just think of all the exciting things you can do with an extra $1.7 million in the bank.”

Eddy also states that if you are that lucky winner, head to your closest Keno venue and start the claims process. While players have a year to claim lottery and Keno winnings, you want to start the process as soon as possible.

Does the Player Not Know, or Are They Taking Their Time?

A prize of $1.8 million is life-changing money, and it may be possible that the winning player knows they have won, but they are taking their time in claiming it. It is often recommended to hire the services of an attorney if you win or inherit life-changing money.

This is particularly true if the prize brings the attention that winning a Keno jackpot brings. While it is true that lottery and Keno winners can remain anonymous in Australia, that doesn’t mean that information won’t get leaked somehow.

The winning player may be getting their affairs in order before claiming so that they can handle the press and any other potential pitfalls of winning. For example, if the winner is in debt, they may hire a lawyer to navigate any pending or past legal actions.

Keno and lottery winnings are considered tax-free income, fortunately, so the winner will not have to pay income tax. But may be entirely possible that the winning player just doesn’t know they have the ticket. Hopefully, they figure it out soon so they don’t miss out on this massive jackpot.