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How to Play Keno Online | Keno Beginners Guide

First, let’s explain the basis of the game and then, how to play keno at online casinos. Learning to play keno is simple and easy. The goal is to choose the winning numbers from a field of 80 total numbers (going from 1 to 80).

  1. Review the 80 numbers available to play.
  2. Pick a set of numbers between 1-80. You can play 5 numbers, 10, 20, 40
  3. The casino’s random number generator (RNG) will select a total of up to 20 numbers.
  4. You may need to assign your number choices to your digital keno card. If so, this is the moment to do it.
  5. Now is the time for placing your wager, unless you are playing for free or trying the demo.
  6. Press done and get ready to play!

Now, where to play keno? First, find a site or choose from one of the casinos we listed above. Some sites offer a free game so you’ll be able to try it and practice first before playing for real money.

Normally, you have to register at online casinos before you can start playing. Click the ‘sign up’ button and enter your details. We recommend looking for a certification that shows that the site is SSL-encrypted and that it holds a trusted license. This is to make sure it’s a legitimate casino.

Mobile Casino Apps

Some of us like to play directly at the casino site, and some prefer to download the mobile casino app. The experience should be the same if you are at a good casino. In Australia you won’t find casino apps in the app store, but the software should be available for download directly from the casino’s website. Be aware of sites that ask you to download software from a third party.

Increase Chances of Winning in Online Keno

Look out for any software that promises to increase your chances of winning or enhance your strategy. As mentioned, keno is a game of chance. There is no way to ensure a win and no software or trick can do that. Do not believe in promised wins.

Online keno game

Exciting Alternatives to Keno

Let’s say you are excited to play keno, but don’t want to play the same game all the time. Variety is everything and that’s we prepared a list with different casino games that can cater to the palate of keno enthusiasts.

  • Bingo Card with a Winning Row of Numbers

    Online Bingo

    Yes, can play bingo online! There are different variations with similar conditions and dynamics.

    In bingo you also get a card with numbers and letters, but you have to mark the numbers in your ticket if they are called. You win by completing horizontal, diagonal, or vertical rows.

  • Online Sic Bo board, view from the inside of a game

    Online Sic-Bo

    If you like numbers and guessing, sic-bo can be for you. In this game, you have to guess what faces of the three dice will show when they land.

    You can also try and guess which sum will result from the dice, specific numbers, and more. Of course, you win by guessing right.

Online Keno Strategy

Now that you understand the rules and can start playing, let’s explore the strategy.

When we say “game of chance” we mean there is no real strategy for choosing numbers. There are enhancement software programs available to download that say they can predict the keno format and get you to win big

While these statements of promised wins sound great, they are not accurate. Keno is best played for fun. The strategy here is to try to predict and take it easy.

Tips for Keno Online Casinos

  1. When playing multiple games, pay attention to repeat numbers and combinations of numbers.
  2. Look for online casinos that have keno games and keno bonuses to boost your game. There are plenty of online casinos that offer online keno.
  3. Set a budget. Keno is a quick game and it’s easy to get involved in playing multiple rounds before you realise you’ve gone over your budget. It’s best to keep your wagers small to keep the fun going for longer. Remember to play responsibly.

Pros & Cons of Playing Online Keno | Australia

ProsLike icon

  • Pros Icon Convenience: Online keno games mean you can play from wherever you like, at any time.
  • Pros Icon Variety: Play keno games from different providers at different casinos.
  • Pros Icon Play for free: Online keno allows you to choose playing for free or for real money.

ConsDislike icon

  • Cons Icon Gambling addition: Being able to play at all times, can increase the risk of addiction.
  • Cons Icon Risk of fraud: Fraud risk is possible when you play at unregulated casino sites.

How to Choose the Best Keno Online Casinos

Following the recommendations, you should know how to pick an online casino to avoid scams and ensure a good time.

Gaming Licence

Check the casino site before depositing any money to see if they are regulated or hold a gaming licence by the Curacao or Malta authorities, which are renowned institutions in the industry.

Game Providers

You may not know the names of the best gaming software creators, but a quick Google search can inform you if a provider is legit and recognized. Top providers names often indicate quality games on a casino site.

Game Variety

It’s important to have as many options as possible for you to have a good time. Varied game categories, providers, and varied options for the same game. If you want to play keno online, the best would be to have enough titles for you to try at the same casino.

Casino Promotions

Last but not least, consider checking the casino bonuses and promotions to make the final decision. Some online casinos offer good promotions that can add to your fun and winnings!

Keno Glossary

If you’re an Australian player thinking of playing keno, here are some important terms to know.

Aggregate limit – The total amount a casino will payout during a single game.

Bankroll – The amount of money a player has in their account available for playing.

Bet – The total amount of money wagered by a player in a single round of Keno, on a single ticket.

Caller – The casino employee that will call out the numbers.

Closed – The moment before the keno balls are drawn. No bets can be made once the game is closed.

Draw – The panel of 20 keno balls are drawn by the random number generator. This displays the winning numbers.

Flashboard – The board the shows which numbers have been drawn.

Goose – A slang term for the machine that mixes and then draws the keno balls.

House edge – This is the percentage or statistical advantage the casino or has on the player. Typically, it’s around 20-40%.

Random number generator – The mechanism that draws random numbers.

Way ticket – A keno ticket where players place their bets.

Writer – A casino employee that interacts with keno players. This includes collecting completed tickets, accepting money for wagers and paying out winners.

Brief History of Online Keno in Australia

The origins of keno trace back to ancient China. It became popular during the Han dynasty, ruled by Cheung Leung. He encouraged residents to play it to collect taxes that he used to fund the Han dynasty war. Some say, keno taxes are what helped build the Great Wall of China.

Chinese immigrants introduced keno to United States when they travelled there for work. Back then the game was played with 120 characters as opposed to today’s version of 80 numbers. Due to the language barrier, symbols changed to numbers to help Americans understand the game better.

With the game’s simple rules and fun gameplay, its popularity grew in western culture. It became a common game to play in bars, clubs and saloons, and now in land-based and online casinos around the globe.

How to Play Keno Online FAQs