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Choose the Best Online Bingo Games in Australia

You, who once had to seek out local bingo halls or churches to partake in your pastime, can now effortlessly play bingo for real money in Australia thanks to online casinos. With the possibility to explore various versions of the game and even manage multiple cards at once, the online bingo experience is something you need to witness.

The online world has opened the possibilities of classic bingo, bringing exciting and fast-paced variations to your table. Let’s have a quick update and explore 90, 80, 75, and 30-ball bingo.

Classic 90-Ball Bingo

You have probably played this type of bingo at least once in your life and remember the card, which in this case has 3 lines with 5 numbers each, creating a total of 15 numbers. It’s call 90-ball bingo because there are 90 balls to pick from at the beginning of the game.

You win at 90-ball bingo when you complete one or two horizontal rows of numbers or when you complete the whole card/ticket (the 3 rows). This is a fun game even children can play, and it’s common to have more than one winner per round, usually leading to a prize-split.

30-Ball Bingo

This is like a quicker version of classic bingo. Again, the name comes after the number of balls in the pot. Because there are considerably fewer balls, this bingo variation is much faster and more exciting if you like quick games.

The card used for 30-ball bingo normally has 9 numbers total, organized in 3 rows with 3 numbers each. Since it has a smaller card, you win by completing it.

75-Ball Bingo

The second most popular online bingo variant and the one with the more numbers per card (24). There are 75 balls in the pot and chances to win by completing horizontal, vertical, and diagonal rows. Of course, a full house is still the big prize every player wants to conquer.

80-Ball Bingo

Last but not least, 80-ball bingo, another fun alternative. This card has 4 rows of numbers each and has a slightly different dynamic than the other types of online bingo games.  You will get a pattern at the beginning of the game, and you must complete it in order to win.

So, which bingo would you like to play first?

How o Play Online Bingo

Don’t miss out on the fun and learn how to play online bingo for real money with our quick (yet comprehensive) guide. Without moving from the comfort of your home, you’ll be ready to play all bingo variations.

Get Your Bingo Card:

At the start of a new game, you’ll receive a grid filled with squares containing numbers. As we explained above, your card can have 16, 24, 9, or 15 numbers. The 75-ball variation typically features the word “free” in the card’s centre square.


Usually, the columns are labelled with the letters “B-I-N-G-O,” with each letter corresponding to specific numbers.

The Game Begins:

Once the game commences, a caller (or, in the case of online bingo, a random number generator) starts drawing random numbers. As the numbers are called, you have to check your cards for matches.

Mark Your Numbers:

If your card, or cards (because in online bingo is easier to manage more than one card!), contains the called number, mark it off your card. Online casinos typically offer an automatic marking feature for added convenience.

What Are Bingo Patterns?

For the 80-ball variation, the objective is to create the pre-determined pattern on your card (e.g., a full row, column, diagonal, or specific shape).

For other types of bingo, you may think of your card as a pattern, but normally the numbers you must find and mark are random, instead of previously established.

Remember, to win you must complete a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row of matches, or complete a full house.

Claim Your Victory:

If you successfully complete the rows on your card, you win the game and claim your prize. For some bingo games you only win with a full house, and for some other you receive small rewards for completing a row.

Now that you know how to play online bingo in Australia, you are ready to try the best bingo games!

Bingo Card with a Winning Row of Numbers

Tips and Tricks for Real Money Australian Bingo Sites

It’s essential to remember that bingo is a game of chance. There are no guaranteed strategies to ensure a win, and any website claiming otherwise is simply misleading you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to play smart.

Here at AOCS, we have a selection of tips that can boost your bingo game, and help make the most of your gameplay when used wisely.

Opt for Limited Card Games

Choose bingo games that restrict the number of cards each player can purchase. Unlimited card games are dominated by high-rollers who buy hundreds of cards. By playing limited card games, you create a more equal playing field, increasing your chances of success.

Test the Waters with Free Play

We recommend trying out casino games in free-play mode before placing any bets. Sometimes, games may differ slightly from their live counterparts. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the game even before using your no-deposit bonus to play free bingo games for cash. After all, nobody wants to waste a golden opportunity to win big!

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Before starting any online gaming session, establish a budget. While we adore online bingo games in Australia, it’s crucial not to overspend when gambling online. Chasing losses will only lead to more money being spent, so know your limits and play responsibly.

Allow Enough Time to Play

Bingo games can take a while to complete, so ensure you have sufficient time to play before starting a game. Bingo may be an easy game, but if you are in a hurry, you won’t focus on the numbers on your card.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be maximising your enjoyment and playing responsibly.

The Pros and Cons of Online Bingo

ProsLike icon

  • Pros Icon Comfort at Home: Online bingo lets you play from your cosy space at any time, without needing to head to a real bingo hall.
  • Pros Icon A World of Choices: A vast array of bingo games and styles are at your fingertips online, offering endless adventures and fun.
  • Pros Icon Friendships Galore: Chat rooms features on online bingo platforms allow you to connect with bingo enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Pros Icon Easy on the Wallet: Online bingo games are often kinder to your budget than traditional bingo venues, with lower entry fees and options for all bankrolls.

ConsDislike icon

  • Cons Icon Missing Face-to-Face Time: While chat rooms help build social connections, the absence of in-person interaction could be a downside for those who cherish the real-life social aspects of bingo.
  • Cons Icon Addiction Risks: The convenience of online bingo might lead to compulsive gambling or addiction, so it's vital to play responsibly and know your limits.

Bingo on the Go – Top Mobile Casinos for Online Bingo

We like online casinos you can access on the go. What’s the point of an online casino if you need to be at a specific place (in this case, your house) to play? That’s why we want to provide you with an updated list of the best mobile casinos to play bingo.

HellSpins Casino

With more than 2,700 casino games and a 97% payout percentage, HellSpins is a great place to start your bingo adventures.

Wild Card City Casino

This is a real money online casino with fewer games than HellSpins, but the payout percentage amounts to 99%, which definitely makes their over 800 games worth trying.

Bizzo Casino

If you like the idea of having you favourite casino on your phone, so you just have to tap on it to have fun, Bizzo Casino is for you. They have over 1,000 games and lots of varieties for you to explore.

Casino Bonuses for Bingo Lovers

Finding sweet bonuses to make the game even more enjoyable is something you have to experience. These are some of the fantastic offers you can be greeted with when you sign up at an online casino to play bingo:

Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos like to make new players feel at home, and welcome bonuses are the perfect way to say “hello.” Usually, these bonuses match the money you put in when you first start playing, giving you more to play with right off the bat. Some casinos even offer welcome bonuses that don’t require you to deposit anything, so you can test out the games for free!

Free Bingo Tickets

If you’re reading this, you’re a bingo fan, and what could be better than free bingo tickets? Just like free spins let you play pokies for free, these tickets let you join in on bingo games without spending any of your own money, and you can still win some cool prizes. Just imagine the excitement of playing bingo for free and winning big!

Reload Bonuses

Online casinos like to keep the good times rolling, so they offer reload bonuses to encourage you to keep playing. These bonuses work like welcome bonuses, but they’re available for your future deposits, not just your first one. With reload bonuses, you’ll get extra money (on top of your deposit) to play with every time you put more funds into your account.

Loyalty Programs

As you enjoy games at an online casino, you may have the opportunity to participate in a loyalty program that appreciates your continued patronage. The more bingo games you engage in, the more points you accumulate, which can be traded for enticing bonuses, exclusive gifts, or even cold, hard cash. Remember, greater rewards await the more you play!

Real Money Online Bingo Vs. Free Online Bingo

It’s completely understandable that you have doubts and concerns about the safety of your money at online casinos; you should. There are hundreds of unregulated, fishy, and fake casino sites. But you can also find lots of regulated, trustworthy, and fun sites to play for real money. That’s the first concern people have, but there are many reasons on why to choose free bingo or real money bingo.

  • Playing online bingo for free can help you control two important things: Your money spending and your knowledge of the game. If you want to have some innocent fun for free, you can try online casinos that offer demo play, like Joe Fortune. But you could also use the free play to practice and gain experience to play for real money.
  • Playing online bingo for real money doesn’t have to be risky. There are two basic things to keep in mind while selecting an online casino: Only play at licenced sites with positive casino reviews and don’t wager more than what you can afford to lose.

Our recommendation would be to play bingo for free as practice and only play bingo for real money at regulated casinos.

Best Bingo Games Online for Free

Where to play bingo for free? Many Australians prefer to experience the game’s essence by playing free online bingo just for the sheer joy of it.

Well, we’ve got great news! You can enjoy bingo online without any cost. Most of the fantastic bingo casinos we’ve listed here allow players to try their luck with free games. All you need to do is select the “free play” option, and voila! These sites transform into your very own free online bingo playground!

How We Rate Online Bingo Sites in Australia

At Australian Online Casino Sites, we take great pride in thoroughly evaluating and rating online bingo sites in Australia. For you to have the best gaming experience, we analyse four main criteria, including the all-important casino payment options, licensing, customer support, and finally we scrutinise their portfolio for high-quality online casino games:

Check Out Live Bingo Online in Australia

This interactive experience captures the essence of playing alongside other players and brings the excitement right to your fingertips.

To get started, find an online casino that offers live bingo games, such as HellSpin, and sign up. However, be mindful that not all casinos provide bingo as part of their live gaming options. To help you in your quest, consider the following tips to ensure you select the best platform for your live bingo adventures:

Research Reputable Casino Sites

Explore online resources, reviews, and forums to discover the most reliable and trustworthy Australian casino sites. Prioritise those that have a solid reputation for offering live bingo games, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Assess the Live Game Selection

Take the time to browse through the casino’s live game offerings. Make sure bingo is prominently featured and readily available, as well as any other live games you may be interested in playing.

Evaluate the Sign-Up Process

Choose a casino site with a straightforward sign-up process that makes it easy for you to create an account and join the live bingo action. Additionally, confirm that the casino accepts your preferred payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

Check for Promotions and Bonuses

Many online casinos offer exclusive promotions and bonuses for live games, including live bingo. Keep an eye out for these offers on Australia Online Casino Sites, as they can boost your bingo game and potentially increase your winnings.

Ensure a High-Quality Streaming Experience

A seamless, high-quality streaming experience is vital for enjoying live bingo to the fullest. Make sure that the online casino employs state-of-the-art technology to deliver smooth, uninterrupted gameplay. Evolution, NetEnt, and Playtech are some of the best live dealer game creators; if you see those names on a site, you have already won!

A Little Real Bingo History

Bingo has a rich history, with its earliest origins dating back to a 16th-century Italian lottery game that, astonishingly, is still played today. However, the modern version we know and love first emerged in 1929 in the United States. Initially called “Beano,” the game was a hit at carnivals throughout the southern states.

The story takes a fascinating turn when a New York toy salesman attended one such carnival and was captivated by Beano. Enthralled, he brought the game back home and introduced it to his friends during their social gatherings.

The iconic name “Bingo” was born when one of the salesman’s friends accidentally exclaimed “Bingo” instead of “Beano.” Recognizing the game’s immense potential, the toy salesman enlisted the help of a mathematician to craft various combinations for the game. Within five years, Bingo had spread like wildfire across the United States.

From its humble beginnings, Bingo has evolved into a global sensation, enjoyed by countless people worldwide. Today, the game continues to thrive, both in traditional settings and online, you can play anywhere you like on any device, be that a tablet, an iPhone or Android device, with the best Australian casinos offering exciting Bingo games for avid players.

The Bingo Glossary

If you are new at bingo, you need to familiarize with some terms to make your path easier. Bingo is a popular old game and there is lingo for everything.

  • Auto-Dauber: Some casino sites and games offer an automatic system that marks the numbers in your card if they are called.
  • Bingo Hall: Though there is no “bingo hall” when you play online, you may find bingo sections at online casinos under this name since a bingo hall is where you play bingo.
  • Bingo Marker: It’s what you use to manually mark the numbers and patterns in your card. As in real life, it can be different things: a marker icon, coins, stats, etc.
  • Caller: This is the person/machine that calls the numbers you have to find in your card.
  • Card or Ticket: The grid containing the numbers and patterns for your game.
  • Full House or Coverall: When you are able to complete your whole card, you call it a full house or coverall.
  • Patterns: Patterns are different types of lines (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) or shapes you have to complete in your grid to win a prize.

These are only some of the terms expert players and casinos use when referring to bingo games. A basic guide you can survive with, while you play and learn more!

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