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Finding a great poker room to play at can be challenging, especially for Australian residents. There are a few legal hurdles for operators to jump through due to a legislation, which we talk about later. But luckily our list above of top online casinos is a good place to start.

We only feature sites that hold licenses, offer customer support, as well as other important factors such as deposit methods, safety and security, etc. Here’s how we put players’ interests first and guarantee a great gaming experience:

  • security

    Safe & Security

    When playing for real money, players want to feel at ease when they deposit money into an online casino – rightfully so. A safe operator is one that handles users’ personal information and data securely. So, when choosing a platform, we check that they have a valid gambling license and use a minimum of 128-Bit SSL digital encryption technology. Another factor we look at is that they offer a variety of Aussie-friendly banking options. If a gambling operator doesn’t provide the most common and standard payment options, then it’s a red flag.

  • gambling online blue

    Top-Quality Software

    If you’ve ever played at poorly-optimised and laggy sites, then you understand how frustrating it can be. It can get in the way of an enjoyable gambling experience and can make or breaks someone’s decision about playing at that site. We feature platforms that are glitch-free and powered by top providers. The same applies to the games they feature. The best casinos are the ones that feature games from top software companies. These include MicrogamingBetsoft and Net Entertainment, just to name a few.

  • gambling online blue

    Good Customer Support

    We all get questions from time to time and we all come across problems too. We get it, and that’s why we feature operators that can provide some sort of customer service should players need it. From depositing/withdrawing issues to account registration, online support is essential. The online operators that we feature offer 24/7 assistance through live chat, email and sometimes phone. Most of them also provide useful and detailed FAQ sections, where you can quickly get resourceful information.

  • top payout blue

    Amazing Bonuses & Promotions

    iGaming is competitive and that means many casinos offer fierce welcome bonuses, weekly promotions and loyalty programs. That being said, you shouldn’t play at an online poker site that doesn’t offer any bonuses. Many sites these days offer match deposit bonuses, so why play at one that doesn’t offer anything? All the sites we feature treat their players like royalty and offer some sort of promotion to help sweeten the deal and get players to sign up. Taking advantage of these offers can help with your poker gaming experience.
  • gamelibrary

    Variety of Games & Tournaments

    For many poker players, the main reason for joining a poker room is for the tournaments and to play great poker. Plus, there’s more than one variation of poker. We recommend sites that offer different varieties of poker as well as tournaments. Unfortunately, not many poker sites offer large choices. Whether it’s high stakes, small buy-in or something in between, it’s good to know about the different competitions offered before making a deposit.


Yes, it’s legal to play online poker in Australia from your computer or mobile device. To phrase it differently, it’s legal for Australian residents to play poker on the internet.

The reason why it’s hard to find many poker rooms is due to the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill of 2016. It’s an Act that was passed by the Australian Government in a bid to protect Australian citizens.

What does it mean? Basically, online gambling sites that do not hold Australian licenses are banned from operating in Australia. That means before the bill was introduced, the majority of online poker websites used by Aussies were run by legitimate operators that were licensed elsewhere in the world. As a result of the legislation, operators were forced to withdraw out of the market.


Luckily, there’s one poker room that is still available (and is thriving) and that’s Ignition Casino. It accepts Australian players and has a huge player base. Whether you are an experienced poker player or beginner, Ignition Casino provides some amazing features to make your online gaming experience the best possible.

While not the same as online poker, there are many sites that offer video poker. Most of the casinos listed above and featured on this site offer hundreds of video poker games. Some also offer live dealer versions of Hold’em poker – but with a twist. The main different between the classic and the live dealer version, is that you play to beat the dealer, rather than other players at the table.


Despite the legal obstacles, the table below lists the best casinos that accept Australian players and offer either poker, video poker or live dealer poker. With excellent bonuses, large and amazing game libraries and a plethora of safe banking options – these are just a few of the qualities that each of these sites holds.

As we already mentioned, Ignition Casino is the top online poker site out there that allows you to play in a poker room against other real online players. In the future we will add more internet poker rooms once they become available for the Australian market. In the meantime, there are also other options for players to enjoy playing video poker for real money or punting in live dealer poker.

Casino Type of Poker Welcome Bonus Min Deposit Read Review and Play
Ignition Casino Poker Room $3,000 bonus $20 Read Review
Casinonic Video Poker $5,000 bonus $20 Read Review
King Johnnie Video Poker $6,000 bonus $20 Read Review
Wild Card City Live Dealer Poker $5,000 bonus $20 Read Review
JoeFortune Live Dealer Poker $5,000 + 30 FP bonus $20 Read Review


Playing your favourite poker games anywhere and anytime is a dream come true for some punters. With mobile gambling on the rise, gamblers can play their games on the go. Most online casinos have optimised their platforms for mobile play and various operating systems.

Some poker rooms can only be used on Android, while others can only be used on iOS. So, it’s important for players to know whether their device is compatible with that platform. This way, you’ll be getting the best performance out of your gaming experience.

Mobile Casinos


Of course! As long as you only download software directly from the online casino or the Google or Apple store, then you can safely play online. Gambling apps are powered the same way as their desktop counterparts, in the sense that your data is kept secure through encrypted technology. The same applies to when you access the operator via your phone’s browser.


We’ve compiled a list of the best mobile casinos. However, if you already have a favourite site in mind, then simply head over to their page to read the instructions on how to download the software or play on your mobile. You can also search for poker apps in the Google or Apple stores.


There’re different ways to gamble through mobile, depending on the site. With some, all you have to do is visit the website, and you can find some of the best mobile games for real money the software has to offer.

Other times, it’s required for players to register with a desktop casino first and then receive a link to their mobile version. Some sites also offer dedicated mobile apps that allow players to access a significant portion of their game library from their mobile device without needing to open up a browser.


There’re many different variations of poker, some of which we list further down the page. But the basics remain the same across the different rules of this classic and popular card table game.

✔️ Cards are shuffled before they are dealt to each player.

✔️ Each player is given random cards, one at a time, from the dealer. Depending on the variation this could be two or five cards.

✔️ Gameplay begins in a clockwise direction, starting to the left of the dealer.

✔️ A round of betting starts and players can choose to check, fold, match or raise bets.

✔️ In some variations, players can then get rid of as many as three cards for a new three from the deck. In other variations where players have two cards, three community cards are presented to the centre of the table.

✔️ Players can fold their hand and forfeit a round of gameplay.

✔️ Betting continues each round until the remaining players take part in a showdown, where they show their poker hand.

✔️ The winner is the player with the highest hand rank.


There are different rules for different poker variations, but essentially most of them are played with the standard 52-card deck. Most commonly, the value ranking of each card goes in descending order. For example; Ace > King > Queen > Jack > 10 etc. However, in most game variations, the Ace can also be used as either high or low in straights. So, you could have a five-card straight that runs A-2-3-4-5, or 10-J-Q-K-A.) The table below shows the most popular poker hands, ranked from worst to best. Once you memorise the winning poker hands, you can start practicing different poker strategies such as bluffing or playing a slow hand.

One Pair

Two cards of the same value – other three cards don’t hold rank

One Pair

Two Pair

Two pairs that consist of two cards of the same rank

Two Pair

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same value – other two cards don’t hold rank

Three Of A Kind


Five cards that make sequence but are of different suits



Five cards of the same suit, regardless of number


Full House

Three cards of the same value and a pair of another value

Full House

Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same value, but of each of different suit – fifth card doesn’t hold rank

Four Of A Kind

Straight Flush

Five cards that make a sequence and are of the same suit

Straight Flush

Royal Flush

A, K, Q, J, 10 – same suit

Royal Flush


Punters come with all sorts of tastes and needs, and that’s why poker comes in all shapes and sizes. Several variations exist so if you are new to poker, you are sure to find something you like. Here are the most popular poker variations in Australia:

  • Texas Hold’em: The most popular format in the world, Texas Hold’em is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and between 2-8 players. The player is dealt two cards and the dealer progressively reveals five community cards. Once all cards are revealed, the best five-card hand wins.
  • 3-Card Poker: In this version, the game is between the player and the dealer. Three cards are dealt face down and the player makes bets against the dealer.
  • 5-Card Draw Poker: Considered the easiest variation of poker, each player is dealt five cards, followed by a round of bets. Players can fold or discard cards, and pick up new ones from the deck. Remaining players flip over their cards and the one with the best five cards wins the pot.
  • Video Poker: The strategy of 5-cards poker, combined with high-quality graphics of a pokies machine.
  • Omaha Poker: Each player is dealt four cards and must make their best hand using exactly two of them, plus exactly three of the five community cards.
  • Stud Poker: Players receive a mix of face-down and face-up cards, dealt in several rounds.


We’ve just explained a few of the different poker variations that exist in poker. Thanks to online gambling, players can also find different game types of the variations across different platforms. A few have already been mentioned on this page, but below we go into them in more detail.  e


Poker rooms are individual websites or landing pages that gambling sites offer. Similarly, how sometimes you’ll find a gambling website that has a casino as well as a sportsbook section, but separated. With poker rooms, players visit them, pay the buy-in fee and get a place at the table to play with other online players. The more advanced poker rooms have the option for you to see other players.


This type of gameplay is probably the next best thing after poker rooms. A live dealer game is when there’s an actual real person that deals cards in front of a camera. These types of games are always played in real time and always for real money. In live dealer poker, users play against the dealer rather than other players.


Everybody loves a bit of competition and the great thing is the online poker world offers some great tournaments for players to participate in. Players compete against each other for a prize pool. Like any competition, there are pre-set rules, a time frame and specific number of players. Usually you need to pay the buy-in fee to get a seat at the table. However, some tournaments can be played at international level and reward some fantastic cash prizes.

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