Witches Cash Collect Pokie Review


Get into the Halloween spirit with Witches Cash Collect, a spooky online pokie from Playtech. Originally designed by Origins, it has 30 paylines, a free game feature and four bonus prizes. If you’d like to learn more, just keep reading for my pokie review.

Wager Possibilities

Witches Cash Collect provides 25 betting options for the player to choose from. The lowest of these only costs $0.10 per spin, while the most expensive is $500. These 25 choices create an impressive range, and they should satisfy both low and high rollers alike.


This pokie has a medium-high level of variance, which means that payouts don’t occur as often as with some games. Still, they’ll happen more often than on the highest possible level.

While wins may be slightly limited, the payout amount should make up for this fact. In most cases, high volatility games pay larger overall prizes to make up for the winning dry spells.


The three-letter term “RTP” is short for “return to player.” This indicates the average payback for a pokie, although short-term variance can also play a major role. To truly achieve the RTP, you’ll usually need to play a thousand or more spins on the same game.

For example, if a pokie pays back an average of $95 for every $100 wagered, then its RTP is 95%. In case you’re wondering, the average RTP for an online poker machine is about 96%.

According to Playtech and Origins, the RTP for this game is 95.67%. While slightly below average, it’s still far superior to what you’ll find at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Witches Cash Collect Paytable

This section deals with the game’s paytable, which is a rundown of the various symbols and their approximate values. For the examples below, I’ll be using payout values for a wager of $30 per spin. Keep in mind, however, that you can raise or lower this amount to suit your needs.

  • Potions – Whether they’re purple, green, red or blue, these potions pay $3 for three matches, $12 for four and $45 for five.
  • Raven – This symbol pays $6 for three matches, $15 for four and $75 for five.
  • Skull with Candle – This symbol pays $6 for three matches, $15 for four and $75 for five.
  • Green Witch – Pays $6 for three matches, $24 for four and $90 for five.
  • Blue Witch – Pays $9 for three matches, $30 for four and $120 for five.
  • Red Witch – Pays $9 for three matches, $45 for four and $180 for five.
  • Wild – Substitutes for all symbols except the diamond, cash bonus, cash collect and free spins.

Virtual reels on the Witches Cash Collect pokie

Cash Collect Symbol

When this symbol lands on the fifth reel, the player immediately gains all free spin, diamond and coin bonus icons that are currently visible. This icon only appears on reel five, so you won’t have to worry about any false alarms.

Coin Bonus

These symbols take the form of golden coins, and each has a dollar amount assigned to it. When the Cash Collect symbol turns up, these coins are gathered up and added to the player’s bankroll.

Free Spins

The Free Game bonus activates when the Cash Collect symbol lands on the fifth reel. When this happens, the player earns all free spin tokens on the reels.

At this stage, the numbers on all free spin tokens are added together. This indicates the number of free spins immediately available to the player.

Cash Collect icons can appear on all reels during free spins. As before, their appearance allows the player to accumulate diamond, cash bonus and free spin symbols. Even better, each Cash Collect that turns up will stick to the reels for three spins.

The Diamond Symbol

If the diamond and Cash Collect symbols land on the reels at the same time, the player wins one of four prizes. These prizes are Grand, Major, Minor and Mini, and the specific prize is chosen at random.

Each prize is worth a fixed amount, which is based on the size of the player’s wager. These prizes can be won multiple times, which sets it apart from a progressive slot.

Final Thoughts

Witches Cash Collect is another solid release from Playtech. Each symbol comes with a respectable payout, and I always enjoy the chance to win a random jackpot on any given spin. The graphics and music are serviceable, and the RTP is good enough for all but the most particular gamblers.