Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Pokie Review


The original Space Wars introduced NetEnt customers to a variety of alien races fighting over valuable ruby crystals. Well, the conflict is still ongoing, as you’ll see from the newly-released pokie known as Space Wars 2: Powerpoints.

Playing the Game

In order to play this pokie, you’ll need to locate an online casino that provides titles from NetEnt. There are plenty to choose from, but I suggest that Australian gamblers give Spin Samurai a try due to their 3,000+ games and 98% overall payout.

Betting Options

Space Wars 2 has 39 wagers to choose from. The lowest of these costs $0.20 per spin, while the most expensive is worth $100. This makes the game highly inclusive and suitable for players of all financial levels.


The return-to-player percentage for this game is 96.05%. That means you can expect to receive $96.05 for every $100 wagered. Of course, short-term variance can cause a great deal of fluctuation for the casual player.


Instead of spinning on the reels, the symbols on Space Wars 2 fall into position from the top of the screen. Winning combos explode and disappear, which leads to an avalanche.

Basically, the old symbols are replaced by new ones that once again fall from above. This process continues until there are no more winning matches.

Getting a Match

This game doesn’t use paylines. Instead, you need to get three or more of the same symbol horizontally or vertically in order to win. If you get simultaneous wins from multiple matches, then these payouts are added together.

Collecting Powerpoints

When you get a winning match, you’ll earn powerpoints. These points are then added to the collect meter. At the end of the spin, the number of collected powerpoints determines the payout.

  • Space Rocks – There are five of these symbols, with each offering the same number of potential powerpoints. They pay 30 points for three matches, 40 for four, 50 for five, 60 for six, 70 for seven and 80 for eight.
  • Aliens – Five different aliens are available, each with the same reward. They pay 60 points for three matches, 80 for four, 100 for five, 120 for six, 140 for seven and 160 for eight.
  • Space Crystals – These valuable minerals pay 90 points for three matches, 120 for four, 150 for five, 180 for six, 210 for seven and 240 for eight.

Virtual reels on Space Wars 2 pokie

Transforming Powerpoints into Payouts

At the end of a spin, the game delivers a payout based on the current number of powerpoints. This comes in the form of a multiplier which is added to the player’s initial wager.

  • 25 points pays x0.25
  • 50 points pays x0.5
  • 100 points pays x1
  • 200 points pays x2
  • 300 points pays x3
  • 400 points pays x4
  • 500 points pays x5
  • 700 points pays x10
  • 1000 points pays x20

During the base game, the number on the collection meter resets after each spin. During the free spin feature, however, it doesn’t end until all complimentary spins have been exhausted. This can lead to a massive number of powerpoints, as well as a top payout worth x10000.

Bonus Symbols

In addition to the pay structure mentioned above, the game also conjures forth new symbols based on the player’s win. These include the following:

  • Wild – Appears after a three-symbol match and substitutes for most symbols.
  • Multiplier Wild – Can appear anywhere during Free Spins and carries a random multiplier from x2 to x25.
  • Column/Row Blaster – Appears after a four-symbol horizontal or vertical win. It eliminates most symbols on that row or column, while also rewarding an equivalent number of powerpoints.
  • Zapper – This feature triggers when the player gets a five or six-symbol win in the base game (or up to eight in the Free Spins). Various symbols are randomly removed from the reels, and powerpoints are then awarded to the player.
  • Bomb – This symbol appears after a vertical and horizontal win of the same symbol intersect. This causes three to eight symbols to explode, awarding the corresponding number of powerpoints.

Symbol Combos

While lone special symbols are more likely, it’s also possible to get a symbol combo. Here are the available options:

  • Column/Row Blaster and Bomb – These combine to wipe out all symbols on the screen, with the exception of wilds and those that are adjacent.
  • Zapper and Bomb – Multiple symbols transform into bombs and then activate.
  • Zapper and Column/Row Blaster – One to three types of symbols, as well as the Zapper, are transformed into either row or column blasters.

Free Spins

If the player manages to collect 1000 or more powerpoints during the main game, they’ll earn anywhere from eight to 20 spins. The number of rows expands from six to eight, and one to three additional spins can be earned by reaching various thresholds.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, Space Wars 2 can seem a bit overwhelming with all its combos and features. However, dedicated gamblers should start to feel like veteran players after a few hundred games. Combine the fun factor with a novel presentation, and you’ve got a solid entry from NetEnt.