Cash Truck Xmas Delivery Pokie Review


Each December, game designers unleash a wave of Christmas-themed pokies onto the market. Most of these games are rather forgettable, but Quickspin aims to change that with the release of Cash Truck Xmas Delivery.

In this online poker machine, Santa rides a motorcycle, smokes a cigar and has an eyepatch. He’s not the regular ‘ol jolly elf, as he’s actively trying to steal presents to keep them from kids.

Bet Options

This game offers 16 wagers for players to choose from. The lowest of these is $0.20, while the most expensive is $100. Regardless of the size of your bankroll, this game should have a wager that meets your needs.

Tumbling Reels

Symbols drop down from the top of the screen to fill up the reels. If there are any winning combos, they will disappear and be replaced by more symbols from the top. This continues until there are no new winning combinations.

Expanding Area

At the start of a spin, the gameplay area is four spaces high and five spaces wide. However, there is also a “locked” area that is three spaces high and five spaces wide.

When the player gets a winning combination, three random spaces in the locked section are made active. If the player gets additional wins on the same turn, then more previously locked spaces open up. This continues until the turn generates no new wins.

Win Probabilities

According to the game sheet released by Quickspin, winning probabilities are as follows:

  • Big Win – Pays 15x the player’s wager – Hits an average of 1 in 81 spins.
  • Super Win – Pays 40x the player’s wager – Hits an average of 1 in 267 spins.
  • Mega Win – Pays 70x the player’s wager – Hits an average of 1 in 586 spins.
  • Epic Win – Pays 100x the player’s wager – Hits an average of 1 in 1100 spins.
  • Maximum Win – Pays 25,000x the player’s wager – Hits an average of 1 in 100 million spins.

Please note that I’m basing these odds on the 96% RTP version of the game.


Quickspin has released three versions of Cash Truck Xmas Delivery. While gameplay is identical, each one has a different return-to-player percentage (or “RTP”).

The RTP indicates the average payback of a specific poker machine. For example, a game with a 95% RTP will return an average of $95 for every $100 wagered.

Of course, this percentage varies in the short term. In order to truly achieve the average, you’ll often need to play a thousand times or more.

This game offers versions with 96%, 94% and 90% RTP. While the first option is about average for an online pokie, the others are far too low to recommend.


On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest, Quickspin has given this pokie a rating of five. That means you can expect a highly volatile gaming experience.

For those who aren’t familiar with gambling terminology, a high volatility pokie typically offers larger payouts. However, those prizes don’t come in quick succession like low volatility options. In order to succeed at this type of game, you need patience and a respectable bankroll.

Virtual reels from Cash Truck Xmas Delivery

Cash Truck Xmas Delivery Paytable

The following are the symbols and payouts located within the game. For the cash prizes, I’m using a $20 wager as an example.

  • Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs – Pays $2 for three matches, $4 for four and $12 for five.
  • Blowtorch and Ice Axe – These symbols pay $4 for three matches, $6 for four and $16 for five.
  • Snowman – Pays $6 for three matches, $10 for four and $24 for five.
  • Elf – Pays $8 for three matches, $12 for four and $32 for five.
  • Reindeer – Pays $10 for three matches, $16 for four and $40 for five.
  • Santa – Pays $20 for three matches, $40 for four and $100 for five.
  • Scatter – Three or more of these symbols activate the Truck Raider Bonus Game.
  • Wild – Substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. Also pays $20 for three matches, $40 for four and $100 for five.

Second Chance

This feature activates when two scatter symbols land in the open area. When this occurs, all symbols disappear except for the scatters. In addition, three random spaces in the “locked” area are made available.

Finally, a new batch of symbols tumbles down to replace those that just disappeared. From here, it plays out just like any other round.

Truck Raider Bonus

This bonus feature activates when three or more scatters land during the base game. If there are more than three scatters, you’ll receive an extra Expander symbol for each one.

When the bonus starts, three Cash Stack symbols appear randomly. The player gets three spins to begin with, and new symbols appear each time (and stay for the duration of the bonus). Each time a new symbol appears, the spin counter is reset to three.

Once the free spins have been exhausted, the game multiplies the player’s wager by the sum of all current symbols. The resulting sum is then added to the player’s account.

There are seven special symbols:

  • Booster – Adds its value to all other symbols in the unlocked area.
  • Super Booster – Functions the same as the “Booster” symbol, although it applies to every spin for the duration of the bonus.
  • Expander – Unlocks three random locations from the locked area.
  • Doubler – Doubles in value each time the free spin counter resets to three.
  • Grabber – Adds the value of all other symbols in the unlocked play area to its own.
  • Super Grabber – Adds the value of all symbols in the unlocked area to its own value. It does this for each remaining spin during the bonus round.
  • Target Eliminated – Pays the player 25,000x their wager and instantly ends the bonus round.

Final Thoughts

The unique theme of Cash Truck Xmas Delivery allows it to stand out from the holiday crowd. The Truck Raider Bonus is especially entertaining, although other features also exist to keep your interest. If you can find the version with a 96% RTP, then I certainly recommend it.

I would also suggest avoiding the 94% and 90% versions. Unfortunately, you might have to skip the game entirely, as most online casinos are unlikely to disclose which RTP they’re using.