Trinity Reels Pokie Review


Trinity Reels is the latest online pokie release from Betsoft. Set amidst the blistering heat of Arabia, this 6-reel, 3-row game comes equipped with multiple wilds, a free spins bonus, and over 100,000 ways to win. If you’d like to know more, please continue reading for my review.

Return to Player

Also known as “RTP,” this percentage indicates the average payback offered by a given pokie. For example, a game with a return-to-player of 95% would pay back an average of $95 for every $100.

It should be noted that short-term variance also plays a large part. In order to realize the true RTP of a game, you’ll likely need to play thousands of spins.

The RTP for Trinity Reels is 95.96%, which is average for a virtual slot. In other words, it pays back an average of $95.96 for every $100 wagered.

Hit Rate

In addition to the RTP, the folks at Betsoft have been kind enough to include the hit rate for Trinity Reels. Expressed as a percentage, this number indicates the average number of spins that will result in a payout.

The hit rate for this pokie is 20.03%. This is on the lower end of the spectrum, as most poker machines range from 20% to 30%.


The game also has a high level of volatility. This means that wins should be consistently larger, although they won’t occur as often.

Winning Ways

Instead of the usual paylines, this pokie uses “ways” to determine a winning spin. Basically, you need to match symbols in any position on three or more adjacent reels in order to get a payout.

Trinity Reels offers 177,147 possible winning ways. While this is an impressive number, keep in mind that the game’s RTP still puts it in the realm of average.


Players can choose from 11 different wagers. The smallest possible bet is $0.20, while the most expensive is $90. This range should satisfy most gamblers, although extreme high rollers may still want to looks elsewhere.

Unusual Design

This game features split symbols, which allow for up to three symbols in one space. Reels one to five can have up to nine symbols each, while the sixth reel is limited to three.

Trinity Reels also features a cascading effect instead of the usual spinning reels. This occurs at the start of a turn, but it also happens once initial winning symbols have disappeared. Afterwards, more symbols cascade from the top, and this continues until no additional wins are generated.

Mystery Symbols

Each time there’s a cascade, there’s a chance that mystery symbols will fall onto the screen. However, these symbols cannot turn up on reel six.

Once a cascade is complete, all mystery symbols are transformed into the same, random symbol. All the symbols listed below in the paytable section are eligible.

Trinity Reels video poker machine

The Sixth Reel

In addition to mundane symbols, the sixth reel includes a trio of boost icons. Even better, more than one of these boosts may appear at the same time. These include:

  • Wild Boost – When this symbol appears, one or two spaces on reels two through five will be randomly changed to a triple split wild.
  • Split Boost – When this symbol appears, two or three spots on reels one through five are chosen at random and split into three.
  • Multi Boost – When this symbol appears, one of the following multipliers will be applied to any wins on the screen: 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x.

Trinity Reels Paytable

This section lists of available reel symbols, as well as their potential payouts. I’m using a wager of $25 per spin, but this can be changed at the player’s convenience. Just remember, however, that raising or lowering the bet will result in an alteration of the payout.

  • Queen, Jack and Ten – These symbols pay $2.50 for three matches, $3.75 for four, $5 for five and $6.25 for six.
  • King and Ace – These symbols pay $2.50 for three, $3.75 for four, $6.25 for five and $8.75 for six.
  • Yellow and Orange Gems – These symbols pay $3.75 for three, $6.25 for four, $8.75 for five and $15 for six.
  • Red Gem – This symbol pays $6.25 for three matches, $8.75 for four, $15 for five and $18.75 for six.
  • Magenta Gem – This symbol pays $6.25 for three matches, $8.75 for four, $18.75 for five and $25 for six.
  • Lavender Gem – This symbol pays $8.75 for three matches, $15 for four, $25 for five and $37.50 for six.
  • Blue Gem – This symbol pays $12.50 for three, $25 for four, $37.50 for five and $62.50 for six.

Wild Symbol

A wild symbol can be a single, double or triple level. Wilds don’t appear on the first reel, and they substitute for most traditional reel icons.

Scatter Symbol

The symbol labelled “Free Spins” serves as the game’s scatter icon. Unlike others, it will not appear as a double or triple split symbol.

If three or more of these appear on the reels, it triggers the Free Spins Bonus. When this occurs, the player immediately wins 10 bonus spins.

Free Spins

Once three or more scatters turn up, the bonus round gets underway. In addition to the 10 free spins, one of the boost icons is randomly selected (wild, split or multi). For the duration of the bonus round, the selected boost icon has a greater chance of turning up.

Buy Feature

If you’re tired of waiting for free spins to turn up naturally, you can pay a fee to summon them instantly. The cost depends on the size of your bet, but I’ve included examples based on a $25 wager.

  • $1,237.50 – 10 free spins with more Split Boost symbols on reel six
  • $1,675.00 – 10 free spins with more Multi Boost symbols on reel six
  • $2,700.00 – 10 free spins with more Wild Boost symbols on reel six

Final Thoughts

Trinity Reels has plenty of ways to hold your attention, although it’s possible that novice gamblers may get confused on occasion. That’s because the game throws a lot at you, especially on the sixth reel.

The various payouts are generous, and the boost symbols allow winnings to skyrocket. The hit rate and RTP are average for an online game, and the high volatility also promises bigger wins.

Overall, Trinity Reels is worth a try, especially if you’re a veteran pokie player. Just don’t expect to be bowled over by the graphics, as they’re perhaps the weakest aspect of the game.