Help – Problem Gambling

Problem gambling occurs when players lose control over their gambling and are unable to know when to quit. These problems can develop over time and there are key things to look for to identify a problem with a player or a loved one. Problem gambling can lead to serious financial consequences if not addressed. Since online gambling is so popular, it is essential for players to have self discipline and casino budgets or else they may face the dangers of a gambling addiction when they begin playing online. To eliminate these possibilities, players need to know how to identify if they have a problem and how to get help.

Test for Problem Gambling

The following questions can indicate a problem is present:

If the answers to multiple questions are yes, this may indicate a problem with gambling and players should take a step back to see if they do in fact have a problem.

How to Get Help with Problem Gambling

With the increase in players accessing online casinos, problem gambling has become a serious issue in Australia. Each year, Aussies spend more than $12 billion playing pokie machines and many of these players have serious problems with gambling. For those problem gamblers, there is help available. At, players can get the counselling they need to address and correct their problem. This site is dedicated to helping any Australian resident with a gambling problem. Here, players will find discussion groups, private coaching for money management, risk assessment tools and much more. This is the first step to addressing the problem and it is one of the most trusted gambling addiction resources for Aussie players.

In addition to this site, many online casinos that accept Aussie players will also offer sport for gambling addicts. There are resources available that will set limits at the casino and will help players control their betting. There is also Gambler’s Anonymous Australia, available online at Mission Australia,, is also an organisation that offers free services to gamblers, including individual therapy as well as treatment for other gambling related issues.

Self-exclusion at Online Casinos

Self-exclusion is a step that can be taken once a player realizes they have a gambling problem. Many leading Aussie online casinos have this program in place and players will have the ability to contact the casino and be placed on an exclusion list. This will cancel the membership to the casino and will provide information on where players can get help.

Once excluded, players will be banned from the casino. This can mean banned from certain games or the entire casino. Some exclusion will allow players to set limits on deposits daily or weekly. Each casino will have a different policy for self-exclusion, so it is the responsibility of the player to be placed on these lists to prevent more problems from developing.

Australian Problem Gambling Help Resources

Featured below you’ll find a listing of recommended Australian problem gambling help resources and website. If you or someone you know may have or may be developing a gambling problem these sites provide guidance, toll-free support and help.

  • – Provides a simple and convenient assessment tool along with toll-free help and other meeting locations for getting help for problem gambling.
  • – Easy access to help services provided by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.
  • – Provides a toll-free help line that is open 24/7 which is private and confidential and can provide help to those in need.